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Discover a smarter way to play with Little Learner Kits!

Nurture your baby’s brain with our customized curriculum for newborns to toddlers.


What’s inside your kit?

Customized Curriculum with age-appropriate activities to aid in your child’s early development.

Educational Products and Toys to help stimulate your baby’s brain.

Parent's Guide featuring a checklist of milestones to focus on with your child.

Why are Little Learner Kits so important?

Feed their minds: A baby’s brain triples in size during the first two years of life. By age three the child’s brain is 90% of its adult size.

Develop language: The more words a child is exposed to by the age of 3, the better they do on tests of cognitive development.

Engage with your child: The single most important ingredient for a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. 

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A new kit every three months with age-appropriate products and information tailored to your baby. 


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